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We offer these services/products and much more! See what we can do for your home today.


Custom Lighting

We will Install your custom lighting in your home to add your own style. Also add potlights over cabinets or other special items for convenience and accent.

LED Strip Lighting

Add LED Strip Lighting anywhere to provide more light in those dark areas. Add LED lighting under your kitchen cabinets to give you light right where you work. Leave these lights on all the time if you like, they are so energy efficient.

Installs Almost Anywhere

LED strip lighting can be installed almost anywhere. Here it is installed on an overhang of a quartz countertop for bar seating. It is so easy to install that you can put it in areas that you usually could not install lighting. Use it a variety of areas for bright lighting that is unobtrusive. Contact us today to see if LED strip lighting would work for you in an area that is hard to reach.

Stair Lighting

Stair lighting not only provides convenient lighting in your stairwell but also accents your stairs. Make your home look smart by adding stair lighting.

LED step lights are also an economical solutions for step lights. These were retrofitted into place after carpet was installed.

Kitchen lighting

Kitchens are a very important area for good lighting so you can see what you are doing.Add potlights over the main areas for maximum lighting with a modern look. Add pendant lighting over the island to accent this feature.

Kitchens are the focal point of your house not to mention where you spend most of your time. So why not make it bright and eye catching. This kitchen uses LED potlights and LED strip lighting under neath cabinets and kicks. So not only does it look amazing but it also saves you money on your power bill.

LED Potlights

Install LED Potlights anywhere you would install a regular potlight or replace existing potlights with LED Potlights to provide lighting that is over 60% more efficient than regular halogen potlights. These were done by replacing the existing lights in the kitchen, no drywall was damaged.

Basement Lighting

In the basement potlights are ideal to provide the look of higher ceilings. With nothing to focus your eye down from the ceiling, potlights make your basement feel bigger.

Retrofit Lighting

Install lighting with no drywall damage. This wall light was installed on a new switch over an existing switch with no drywall patching needed. Ask us today what we can do for you without damaging drywall.